Frequently asked questions

Delivery time

What is the delivery time for PESOLA catalogue items?
There is usually no delay. More than 99% of our catalogue items are on stock. Should an item for once not be available on short term basis, our homepage will display a shopping basket with a red arrow.


Can PESOLA spring scales be sterilised?
Yes. Permitted procedures of sterilizing PESOLA spring scales:
- In autoclave at 120C at 1 bar for 45 min.
- 15 h in acetylene.
High temperatures along with high pressure set limits to fast sterilisation processes.
We particularly recommend sterilisation in acetylene as this process avoids humidity inside the scale.
Synthetic parts are incompatible with high concentrations of chlorine and its compounds.


Are the springs subject to fatigue due to age or frequent use?
No. They are designed to be fatigue resistant, even being used a million of times.

Why are the springs of scales above 2kg / 20N not made of stainless steel like the ones with lower capacities?
They are made of quality steel spring wire with protection against corrosion to guarantee a perfect recovery of the zero position after discharge. Stainless steel wires would resist corrosion even better but do not meet our high requirements of measuring precision.

Certificates / Certification

Are there international certificates for PESOLA Spring Scales?
As a principle we do not attempt to achieve certificates of compliancy issued by standard organizations either from the EU, US, Canada, Asia or others. We distribute our quality and precision spring scales worldwide and would not be able to offer them at such good conditions if we had to go through extensive administrative processes establishing certificates in different regions of the world.

We have considered in detail the rules e.g. for "CE" certification and found that due to the fact that spring scales already have been in existence for over 100 years, regulations have not kept up with technological development. The rules for "CE" certification are based on the notoriously imprecise spring scales of the past and request very low resolution. We would therefore – in order to be CE compliant – have to reduce the high resolution of our scales and downgrade the high precision reading.

As a small company we will not be successful in influencing the standard organisations to amend their rules towards modern spring scale technology. As inventor and developer of the most progressive spring scale technology worldwide, we are convinced to offer well-engineered spring scales of highest quality and precision due to our experience of decades.

Is PESOLA Inc. quality certified?
Our internal procedures are organised and controlled according to quality specifications. Our inspection equipment is periodically calibrated by a gauging office. However we refrain from establishing further measures of certification for our company and prefer to invest into perfectly automated processes. Every customer is free to verify our high quality standards. Furthermore we optionally offer test certificates for our spring scales (please see -> quality).

A rate of return lower than 1 out of 1000 stands for the exceptional PESOLA quality. Beyond warranty these few cases are being handled in the most customer-friendly way and usually occur due to improper handling.

You may therefore rely on the legendary PESOLA quality and precision.

Trademark protection

What is the background of the name “PESOLA®”
In Italian: pesare = to weigh
In French: peser = to weigh
In Spanish: pesar = to weigh
Our company name “PESOLA®” is registered internationally and derives from the verb “to weigh” out of the Latin language area.


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