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About us
As specialists for spring scales we offer genuine Swiss precision and quality, absolute reliability and durability with guaranteed service. Our products are backed up by over half a century of experience, development and success. Competent suppliers and highly motivated, loyal personnel form the base of our company. PESOLA® is an internationally registered trademark and holds several international patents. We are represented in over 45 countries – keeping weights and forces right everywhere.

The worlds most accurate spring scale
How do we do it? With computer calculation, sophisticated components and sound craftsmanship, based on know-how and with a pleasure in perfection. Every scale is adjusted by hand until its accuracy is unsurpassed. It is hardly necessary to mention that PESOLA spring balances operate without batteries and are ready for use anytime and anywhere.

Our range is yours
39 standard models and over 20 special spring scales, with capacities from 10 g – 50 kg/1 oz – 100 lbs/1 N – 500 N, with metric, English or Newton graduation are at your choice. One of the many accessories available allows, for Medio- and Macro-Line scales, transformation into a pressure measuring dynamometer – two functions in one scale! We are always ready to solve your specific problems and can offer flexible solutions at short notice, including your advertising logo, if you wish. Our carefully evaluated assortment of electronic scales perfectly completes our wide range.

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