Item no. 20010/4 – Grammage scale (weighing per surface unit) 1000 g/m

Technical data
Item no. 20010/4
Capacity 1000 g/m
Division 10 g/m
Color bordeaux
Precision 0.3%
Tare (zero adjustment) ~ 20%
Exchange of lower suspension "click and go" system
S (Scale length) 80 mm
L0 (Length without load) 220 mm
Lm (Maximum length) 300 mm
(Diameter) 12 mm
Components non-corroding (clip only protected)
Net weight 25 g
Gross weight 40 g
Measuring position vertical
Calibration by user not applicable (only by manufacturer)
Packaging transparent designer case
Warranty 3 years
Code EAN13 7612348201044
Country of origin Switzerland (CH)
Quality Image (RGB) Detailed information

Brief product information
Attach a sheet with size 100 cm (square of 10 x 10 cm, or round with diameter 11.283) of paper, carton or fabric and the scale will directly display the weight in g per m. This precise measuring instrument is indispensable for the paper- and textile industry, for stationary shops as well as for graphic designers and fashion stylers. This handy scale also is an ideal customer gift. Large quantity discounts available.
  • Designed for samples of 100 cm.
  • Reading directly in g/m (gram per square meter).
  • Special manual enclosed (DE/FR/EN).
  • Unlimited life.
  • No batteries, no power supply needed ready for use any place and time.
  • Perfectly fits any pocket.
    Precise and handy Spring Balance with durable anodised aluminium tube and long scale of high resolution. Tare and zero adjustment.
  • Tare screw with incremental rotation, to avoid inadvertent adjustment.
  • Swivelable, rotatable and removable suspension bow, guided in a ring. Lower suspension swivels, rotates and can be easily changed using different accessories. Rabais de quantit sur demande.
  • A time-tested original Swiss quality product.