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Item no. AC65 – Replacement Accumulator for Crane Scales PCS0300 / PCS1000

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Technical data
Item no. AC65
Capacity 6 V / 5.0 AH / 20 hr
Net weight 1010 g
Operating temperatures -10 up to +40C
Humidity range max. 85% relative humidity, not condensating
Warranty by manufacturer 2 years
Code EAN13 7612348010653
Customs Tarif 8423.9092
Country of origin China (CN)

Brief product information
Unscrew the back cover of the scale. Loosen the retaining brackets of the accumulator and unplug it. Plug in the new one and mind the polarity (connectors red to red and black to black). Install the accumulator and fix it again with the brackets. Screw on the cover. Switch on the scale and read the voltage during startup. If it is under 6 Volts charge the scale (see manual of the crane scale).
Maintain live span of accumulators
In order to maintain their life span, please observe the following points carefully:
  • should the figures start flashing during the permanent use of the scale, immediately recharge the accumulator for 12 hours, using the original charger. Flashing figures signalize the minimum voltage of 5.8 Volts.
  • always before storing the scale, recharge the accumulator for 12 hours, using the original charger.
!!! In case of non-observance of the above point the accumulator may experience a deep discharge and thereafter feature a reduced charging capacity beyond warranty coverage !!!
INFO: the life span of properly treated accumulators should be at least 3 years.

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