Item no. 41.43005 – Replacement inner Tube of MFT-Scale 43000/5

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Technical data
Item no. 41.43005
Net weight 15 g
Gross weight 29 g
Packaging transparent designer case
Instruction for replacement of interior tube 41.43005 (repair) Detailed information
Code EAN13 7612348414352
Customs Tarif 8423.8100
Country of origin Switzerland (CH)
Quality Image (RGB) Detailed information

Brief product information
This replacement part only fits the MFT-scale 43000/5 for myofunctional therapy (logopedia). Despite of shock absorbing elements, the strain of recoil after release at max load of several 100 cycles may cause a fatigue failure of the interior tube.

Instruction for installation of replacement part
  1. Turn the setscrew counterclockwise until the spring with the interior tube is no longer held in the scale.
  2. Pull out defective inner tube (possibly press the elastic marker into the slit).
  3. Insert the new replacement part 41.43005 tube ahead into the outer aluminum tube.
  4. Therefore press in the marker slightly.
  5. Insert the plastic inner tube further more and turn it simultaneously until the marker clicks into the slit.
  6. Hold the scale upside down and turn the setscrew clockwise until the zero point is readjusted (scale now in measuring position).

How to avoid damage
  • Only use one drag pointer below the marker. Otherwise the recoil might damage the marker. The second drag pointer is for replacement purposes.
  • Do not use any solvents for disinfecting purposes. The plastic elements might turn brittle.
Maximum conditions for sterilization
  • In autoclave at 120C at 1 bar for 45 minutes
  • or 15 h in acetylene
Attention: synthetic parts are incompatible with high concentrations of chlorine and its compounds.