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Item no. 20010/5 – Scale for adjustment of Pick-Up

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Technical data
Item no. 20010/5
Capacity 10 g
Division 0.1 g
Color grey
Precision 0.3%
Tare (zero adjustment) ~ 20%
Exchange of lower suspension "click and go" system
S (Scale length) 80 mm
L0 (Length without load) 220 mm
Lm (Maximum length) 300 mm
(Diameter) 12 mm
Components all non corroding
Net weight 25 g
Gross weight 38 g
Measuring position vertical
Calibration by user not applicable (only by manufacturer)
Packaging transparent designer case
Warranty 3 years
Code EAN13 7612348200153
Customs Tarif 8423.8100
Country of origin Switzerland (CH)
Quality Image (RGB) Detailed information

Brief product information
This precise nonmagnetic measuring instrument is a must for High-End music freaks with analogous turn tables. The scale is ideal to determine the bearing strength of pick-ups. The soft, nonmagnetic brass hook will not harm your High End product. Digital scales do not qualify for this application as their load cell would be influenced by the magnetic pick up.
Precise and handy Spring Balance with durable anodised aluminium tube and long scale of high resolution. Tare and zero adjustment. Tare screw with incremental rotation, to avoid inadvertent adjustment. Swivelable, rotatable and removable suspension bow, guided in a ring. Lower suspension swivels, rotates and can be easily changed using different accessories. A multifunctional long life measuring instrument for weighing and measuring traction forces. Always ready for use, needs no batteries. A time-tested original Swiss quality product.
Personalised labels, different graduations, capacities and colors on request.

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