Item No. 8.075 – Handle (Replacement part)

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Technical data
Item no. 8.075
Material POM, light grey
Net weight 17 g
Gross weight 19 g
Packaging unit 1 pc
Code EAN13 7612348080755
Customs Tarif 8423.9092
Country of origin Switzerland (CH)
Quality Image (RGB) Detailed information

Brief product information
The handle is part of the standard equipment of all Macro-Line Scales. It is a plastic grip which easily attaches to the suspension bow of the scale. The scale suspension well fits your hand and the weight is lifted comfortably.
When weighing heavy items with a Macro-Line Scale, we recommend to use the drag pointer (plastic ring) for easy reading.
1. Hold the scale in weighing position, adjust the zero point with the tare screw (the marker on eye level).
2. Position the drag pointer shortly below the zero point.
3. For weighing, hook the scale to the item on the floor.
4. Lift the scale very slowly and carefully holding it on the grip, until the item to be weighed is slightly above ground (jerky motion will distort the result).
5. Slowly release the weighing item and unhook the scale. Do not move the drag pointer!
6. On eye level read the maximum weight on the scale at the top-edge of the drag pointer.