Item No. 3.655 – Bird weighing cone (5 pcs)

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Technical data
Item no. 3.655
Material white plastic foil
Measures (L x ) 24 x 8 cm (max.)
Net weight 11 g (per piece)
Gross weight 67 g
Manual DE/EN/FR
Packaging unit bag of 5 pcs
Assembly bird weighing cone 3.655 Detailed information
Code EAN13 7612348536559
Customs Tarif 8423.9092
Country of origin Switzerland (CH)
Quality Image (RGB) Detailed information

Brief product information
  • Suitable for repeated use with 60 g - 600 g PESOLA precision spring scales.
  • For field and laboratory application.
  • Conical form gently holds wings together and precise measurement is facilitated by immobilisation of animal.
  • Opening at base of cone allows the animal air and facilitates cleaning.
  • Cone can be disassembled after use to save space.
  • Also suitable for other small animals.
  • Do not store cone in direct sunlight.